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Kevin Krefting
CTO | Drawbridge Labs
Scott has the innate ability to communicate a vision with leaders in a variety of industries. When combined with his proven track record of outstanding user experience, the result is a product that creates and maintains loyal customers. He has the expertise to guide any org through this rapidly evolving, customer-centric world.
Paul Sylling
Sr Director, Product Design | Inmar Labs
I had the privilege of working under Scott's leadership at Corteva for four years, during which I experienced significant personal and professional growth. Scott's leadership style was transformative, challenging the UX team to explore innovative ideas while providing invaluable mentorship and constructive feedback.
Cathleen Ayala
Vice President, Business Ops | We Are Rosie
Working with Scott has been an honor and a pleasure. He brought enthusiasm and passion to web design as well as creativity and innovation. I learned a lot about design, team management and developing client relationships from him. He has raised the bar and set a new standard for Creative Leadership.
Kent Evans
Executive director | Manhood Journey
...But perhaps more valuable to me/our company is his ability to think strategically from a marketing standpoint. I might ask him to do something yet before he embarks, he'll ask questions about what we are trying to accomplish or where this might lead in the future; and, in the end, he normally takes us to a better solution than we'd envisioned on our own. He is a valuable resource and someone I'd consider a friend.
Ted Murphy
Founder & CEO | IZEA
Scott is an amazingly talented designer, team member and friend. He is a natural leader with a uniquely effective style. I am privileged to work with him and cherish his creativity and can-do personality.
Kelly Friedman
Director, CSG Program Mgmt | Salesforce
Scott is an asset to any team he's on. He's hard working, motivated and puts in 110% on projects he executes. With Scott being the Director of Experience (Production) I look up to him in many ways as I've seen him lead his team constructively as it grows as well as through my experiences I've had working with Scott.
Chris Rodgers
Founding Principal product designer | Petscreening
Scott is a true inspiration. His ability to concept and develop innovative solutions for our clients is far beyond compare. His ability to problem-solve quickly and accurately makes him a very effective leader. And he's not a bad designer to boot. I learned a great deal from working with Scott and hope to work with him again in the future.
Snowflake Rosen
Vice President, Enterprise sales | Procure Technologies
Scott Allen is one of the most positive, direct and intelligent people I have ever met. We have worked together since 2002 and in that time, I have developed a deep respect for his tenacity, resourcefulness and insight. Scott is a rare human being who can do anything he puts his mind to.
Ted Sneed
Senior UX Designer | Corteva
I really enjoyed working for Scott as part of his enterprise UX design team. Through his leadership, the UX organization grew organically and with purpose. Scott championed UX constantly to make sure others in the company understood its value and what it could do for their perspective products. He takes the time to foster a welcoming environment that enables team members to thrive in the way that best works for them.

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About me

As a Florida native, I'm ironically more comfortable with mountains and cold weather.

After a short career as a Disney character (Goofy) at the Magic Kingdom, I headed west to Silicon Valley where I married my biggest cheerleader in 2004. Nowadays we spend most of our time trying to keep up with our teenage daughter's events and performance schedule. I refuse to acknowledge her dating life.

I still play with Lego. I ride my bicycle for hours on end. And I love reproducing movie props with my 3D printers. I'll talk for hours with anyone about movies and tv shows, and I will 100% competely nerd out whenever there's a new breakthrough technology or gadget I can try out.

My Stats:

About yay tall
Hides southern accent well
Half centaur
Eats too many PopTarts
Aggressive fear of spiders
Loves century-rides (100mi)

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